Welcome to the Sundered Empire

The lands of the sundered empire are in western Oerik on the world of Oerth. This area has never been explored by the denizens of Greyhawk. So it has remained a mystery for countless generations.

The ELVES of RAVILLA once dominated western Oerik, but as vigilance wained the empire crumbled. While the region was no stranger to warfare recent events have all but ensured that the fires of war will burn for decades to come.

AHMUT’S LEGION Three hundred years ago, the nomad warlord Ahmut terrorized Ravilla before an assassin’s knife put him in an unmarked grave. This dread warrior was reanimated by the spear of the God of War, and he now leads an undead army in a mad quest for vengeance. He has the aid of a forbidden death cult, whose powerful necromantic magic helps keep his army in the field.

DRAZEN’S HORDE The savage humanoids of the Southlands were never a real threat until the hobgoblin commander Drazen forged the orcs, goblins, ogres, and hobgoblins into a cohesive army. They crossed the Blasted Desert in an epic march and attacked with complete surprise. With Stratis’s axe in his hand, Drazen is all but unstoppable.

THE PEOPLE’S STATE OF MORDENGARD Just over one hundred years ago, the dwarves of Mordengard toppled their Tyrant King and established a worker’s state. Now the People’s Legion has taken to the field to fight for the freedom of the dwarves. With skill, bravery, and ingenious elemental weapons, the dwarves safeguard their revolution.

NARESH Jangir, a gnoll priest with demonic blood in his veins, has united the gnolls under the banner of his abyssal patron Yeenoghu. Now gnoll and demon march in step, as Jangir spreads chaos and terror for the glory of his god. If Jangir succeeds in reopening the Abyssal Gateways in the heart of Ravilla, his demon horde would sweep away all opposition.

THE EMPIRE OF RAVILLA This elven state used to rule the whole region, but now it is an empire in name only. Ravilla lost most of its land in a long series of disastrous wars. Now the citydwelling gray elves and their wood elf allies have been driven back to their original borders. They are engaged in a life-or-death struggle with not only the forces of evil but also the crusading humans of Thalos.

THALOS Thalos was founded by human tribes fleeing from the advancing armies of Ravilla. The current queen, Almira XXI, declared a holy crusade that fired up the Thalish people. She aims to conquer the ancient lands of the human tribes, lost so long ago. Her armies, led by paladins and assisted by gnome engineers, have enjoyed great success in their initial campaigns.

Chainmail- The Sundered Empire