_“The motion has been moved and seconded. Shall the Republic enter the great conflict, colloquially known as the Godwar, and prevent the other combatants from raising one of their own as the new God of War? Brewers, you have the first vote.”_

The representative of the Brewers’ Guild took his feet at the round table._ “Aye.What needs to be done.”_

_“Crafters?” _asked the scribe serving as moderator of the meeting of the Workers’ Council. “Aye.”

“Engineers?” “Aye, though we have reservations, as these three days of debate have indicated. I will not repeat them now. But yes, we vote for war.”_ And so on, through the various guilds: farmers, miners, priests, scholars, soldiers, wizards, and artists. Only the Soldiers’ Guild representative voted against the motion, to everyone’s surprise. _“The Soldiers’ Guild votes nay. No, no, hold yourself together there.We of the guild are in favor of this war, and we advanced arguments in support of it.We wish only to make one thing clear:We will win, but in winning, we do not wish to raise one of our own to be a god. The power that was Stratis’s can be gathered and controlled, but then the Workers’ Council as a whole must decide what to do with it. Not the soldiers who happen to achieve the victory. It is not a matter for a . . . battlefield promotion. The Comrade-General agrees with me on this, I believe.” He nodded to a grizzled, one-eyed dwarf in plate at the back of the room, the soldier named Baruk who led the People’s Legion that term. “We will win the war, but we will not let victory cost us our revolution. Long live the Republic!”_

And so the People’s Republic of Mordengard went to war. A century ago, the dwarves of Mordengard overthrew a tyrant king. Most of the nobility was slain along with him, thrown down by a revolution from below, a final attack by the aggrieved masses. Instead of setting up a new king, the dwarves have invented something new: a republic of the people, by the people, and for the good of the people. Every citizen of Mordengard belongs to a guild, and the Workers’ Council are elected every five years from the guild rolls. Members of every guild serve in the People’s Legion, though most of the commanders are from the Soldiers’ Guild. Traditional dwarven virtues of duty, perseverance, toughness, pride of craft, and bashing in orcs’ skulls have survived the transformation of the government. In fact, Mordengard is stronger than ever as the new soldiers, commanders, and heroes of the people strive to show that they are every bit as capable as the nobles who used to lead by virtue of their blood. Allies from the Elemental Planes add to the Republic’s confidence, as do elemental weapons crafted by the artificers of the Crafters’ and Engineers’ Guilds. “An elf started this war,” say the people of Mordengard, _“but we will end it.”_

Prestige Classes

People’s Champion


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